The rapid growth of research into immuno-oncology has fueled a need to be able to determine the location of a variety of immune cells in solid tumors. However, existing methods for the systemic tracking of immune cells are insufficient and are often difficult, requiring a large infrastructure investment.

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) can be used to non-invasively track iron-oxide tagged immune cells in vivo. By combining the accurate quantification and specificity of MPI, information can be obtained on macrophage function and biodistribution. Cells can be labeled either through loading of nanoparticles inside the cell or through tagging the cell with an antibody-nanoparticle conjugate. Cell tracking information can be utilized to better understand the factors influencing immune cell migration in and around tumors.


  1. Immune cell tracking.
    • Macrophages, monocytes, T cells, NK cell, dendritic cells, etc.
  2. Stem cell tracking.
    • A range of stem cells can be labeled and then either implanted or injected
  3. Tumor cell tracking.
    • Tumor cells can be labeled and injected to determine where the cells implant